Safe Women’s App

Safe Women’s App KPK Government Initiative for the Safety of Women

Safe women” is a mobile phone application that was specially designed for the safety of KPK’s women for safe traveling from their residence to their destination.

Implementation of this app was supported by the technical support of the UN and UNOPS and the Japanese government.

This app was meant to ensure the safety of women in KPK’s cities (Mardan and Abbottabad).

The main objective of this application is to reduce the crime rate and make sure the security of the women in the KPK region.

This app was designed for the pilot bus services (Shakura Bus Project).

Features of this App Safe Women’s Include:

I AM IN TROUBLE: in case of any distressful situation, the traveler can send an alert warning sign to their family.

SHARE LOCATION: traveler can share their location with their trustworthy contacts when she is not feeling safe.

EMERGENCY: This is used when travelers feel threaten, then this feature will help to connect with the security agencies (police) of the region.

Traveler can check the schedule of the bus and can track the location of the bus.

You can rate the location at which you are feeling safe or not.

By checking the average rating of a certain location other females can avoid visiting that location if it is not safe.

All the features are really helpful for the safety of the women, and they were really needed because in our society women are facing harassment on a regular basis in the offices, local transportation, and public places.

With the help of technology, we can reduce the harassment rate in our society.

This is just a start; hope that the more initiative will be taken for the safety of women and to stop the harassment.

This app is easily available for android and iOS users.

There are a large number of female populations using local transportation on the daily basis, and making their safety possible is the most important thing.

This app helps to make the transportation safe for the women of KPK.

These kinds of more apps should be introduced to make women feel safe anywhere in our society.

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