Saudi Madares App

Saudi Madares App

Saudi Madares ” This app was developed to spread awareness about different schools and their systems of Saudi.

It is an informative app for the parents whose kids are studying and for those who are trying to find the best school for their kids.

This is the best way of using technology to provide information about educational institutions.

The terms of education are now changing with the passage of time and with the use of technology.

The Feature Includes in Saudi Madares App:

  1. School Administration
  2. Curricula
  3. Departure Management
  4. Examination
  5. Telecommunication
  6. Duties and the means communication
  7. Billboard

This app is helpful for the parents because it will provide information not only about their children but about teachers as well.

There are a number of teachers available for different subjects in this app.

All the notification will be received via SMS or email about the absentee of students and teachers.

In today’s world, it is difficult to choose a school for our children according to our requirements and budget.

This app consists of complete information about different schools in the region.

Parents will get the monthly test reports and results through a notification, without visiting any institution.

Technology has made our lives easy and fast. By simply installing an app one can get a lot of information.

The rating and comment system of this app will help to enhance the features.

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